Reasons Your Business Needs SMS Marketing

Many businesspersons are mystified by the concept of text message marketing. Some do not understand how or why it works. Others think it dangerous because it might be invasive. Too many people do not really understand how and why SMS marketing works. Unfortunately, many of those businesses are losing market share to businesses that do understand the technology.

Marketers from all established and most emerging economies have compiled loads of statistics about SMS marketing. They have also accumulated volumes of statistics about cellphone usage. Frankly, to ignore this data is neither smart nor productive.

mobile_smsConsider just a few facts established by this research:

  • More than 90 percent of text messages are opened and read within 15 minutes of receipt. This is a statistic that is unique to this type of marketing. That means marketing and personal texts are opened with same frequency. Imagine that as a starting point!
  • Hang on for this one. Text message marketing has a redemption rate ranging from 20 to 70 percent. Yes, it is a big variable, but at its lowest level, it far exceeds any other form of marketing, by far.
  • Because text messaging includes no filler, recipients are not offended. You have 160 characters to work with. It is amazing what professional SMS professionals can do with 160 characters while the rest of us struggle to create a motivational offer with so few characters. Without the filer, recipients are not offended, especially if the offer is compelling. Everyone loves a good deal! There is no bad time for a bargain.
  • One piece of direct mail costs at least £1, often more. A text message costs pennies. Cost efficiency is why businesses keep coming back and why they start new campaigns every month. It’s nice to make a marketing splash and with SMS or MMS marketing, you can do both.
  • Your motivational SMS advertisement can be delivered in minutes for the time you create the offer. No expensive, time wasting meetings with umpteen marketing experts. Do the math. Make it compelling, spit it out in 160 characters and let it fly. Responses will start coming immediately.

The Globe is Mobile

Today’s mobile society can be getting in a car, traveling by brail or air, but one thing is certain, their cellphone is nearby. And, when that text message comes in, it is opened and read.

One thought on “Reasons Your Business Needs SMS Marketing

  1. Wow very informative article! I’m excited about this SMS or mobile marketing technique. This will help you increase repeat business, drive new customers to your website and for every text inquiry; the dealer generates A Real-Time Lead. An automated lead generation through on-demand mobile technology.

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