Is the Cloud Going Mobile?

Is your business in the cloud? If you have made the commitment to the cloud, you have made a wise choice; one that can increase productivity and efficiency. You are probably awed by the ease of access and seamless flow of material the cloud offers you and your staff. But, beware. A recent study shows that most cloud users do not take full advantage of the many benefits of this type computing.

Cloud computing firm Eccentex has recently released the results of its independent survey. In essence, the study reveals that while companies have converted to cloud computing the majority of employees are unprepared and untrained in how the cloud really works.

Learning On The Fly

cloud_computingIn many cases, the training has not been provided so employees are trying to learn as they go. However, there were many incidents where the employees lacked the tools necessary to make the highest and best use of the technology.

One of the biggest assets of cloud computing is the concept that everyone with access to a computer can get information that is current from the cloud, regardless of location. Today, there is a strong tendency to be mobile. The cloud is ideal for these situations. However, Eccentex discovered that well-intentioned employees are unclear about how to access the cloud from afar. This hinders their ability to make on-the-spot decisions; probably the reason the business acquired the service.

This inability to access was especially evident with mobile device users. 36.9 percent of “knowledge workers” told Eccentex that they were unable to access information to help them make immediate decisions. 27 percent of the study participants said they work outside the office and that mobile devices are their source of information.

45 percent of workers at businesses that have cloud computing said they preferred working in the cloud. For these workers, cloud computing was the norm. They believe they are more productive and more efficient than before the company adopted cloud technology. In businesses that do not have cloud computing, 36 percent of the employees indicated a desire to move to cloud computing. Eccentex found that in companies unfamiliar with cloud computing, security was the primary reason they had not converted. This misunderstanding about the technology has prevented many companies from reaching their full capabilities.

Eccentex agrees that mobile apps will take the cloud to new levels. These programs are being developed at this time. Talk to your cloud provider to see when mobile apps will be available.

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