Is WiFi a Long Term Solution?

Is it possible Wi-Fi could be a short-term technology? Could we eventually move away from this mobile technology that lets us access information, friends, business, sports and our special interests while we travel, visit, attend functions or stay in a hotel? Could it be that Wi Fi will become less popular? From the statistics, this isn’t looking likely.

The rise of mobile use and the proportionate decline in desktop sales indicates that mobile is where it is at. You do not have to look far to realise the overarching presence of better quality Wi-Fi in UK society, in Europe or around the globe.

HRS, a hotel website, posted results of a 125,000 hotel property survey in Europe. Turkey leads the way for hotels with Wi Fi in a surprising 84.7 percent of all the nation’s hotels. The UK ranks 14th with 63 percent of hotels offering WI Fi services. Most hotels offer the service as a free accommodation because it is expected by travellers.

Sweden ranks second in Europe with a solid 82.43% ranking. Below are the top 14 nations in Europe. Notice that France is not listed. Only 58 percent of hotels in France offer Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi GrowthRank / Nation / Percentage

  1. Turkey /  84.70%
  2. Sweden / 82.30%
  3. Poland / 80.50%
  4. The Netherlds / 77.40%
  5. Norway / 75.30%
  6. Belgium / 74.60%
  7. Denmark / 74.40%
  8. Czech / 73.90%
  9. Russia / 71.60%
  10. Finland / 67.20%
  11. Hungary / 66.40%
  12. Germany / 66.36%
  13. Austria / 63.48%
  14. Great Britain / 62.60%

These figures suggest that Wi-Fi is in demand by travellers and the rest of us across the globe.

One only has to look at the surge in mobile technology sales, apps and laptops, iPads, iPhones and the like to realise how mobile society and business have become. We want to be connected no matter where we are.

Buses, Trains and Planes

Last year, Ireland announced that trains and buses were going Wi Fi. Translink is already offering high speed connection to its trains. The cross-border bus service Goldline is also offering Wi Fi on about 20 percent of all the country’s buses. The new wireless internet service will also be available on the popular Belfast to Dublin Enterprise train.

In the UK, most bus lines offer Wi FI. Additionally, most trains offer the service. In fact many travelers choose trains and buses by their Wi FI capabilities. The train is a great way to travel but today you can get a good amount of important work accomplished on that familiar train ride. Or, you can catch up on Facebook or your other social media sites. We want to be connected.

The airlines know that. Once thought to be impossible, more airlines are offering in-flight Wi Fi connections. You pay a little extra but Wi Fi provides a great way to make a long trip go fast and be productive. Airlines that provide Wi Fi are popular. Customers inquire as to Wi Fi availability. If you check online, the ticket prices indicate whether the service is available on specific flights.
Wi Fi go away? It does not seem that way. In fact, it seems quite the opposite.

The UK Caravan Site Irony

Several years ago, several of the country’s caravan sites offered Wi Fi services. Customers reported the rates were too high and declined, discouraging caravan site owners. The caravan Wi Fi environment changed in a hurry. Gone are the days when caravans were viewed as an escape from technology. Today a holiday is not a holiday without a Wi-Fi connection. We want access when we are traveling, when we are holidaying and when we need to be reached. That’s just the way it is, and the way it will be for the foreseeable future.

In 2011, the Caravan Club erected a series of Wi Fi aerials and re-launched its internet service. Caravan vacationers young and old are liking it. It helps that rates are a bit more affordable. However, younger travellers might not caravan at all unless Wi Fi was available.

Additionally as more and more UK residents are working at home, they can go mobile and do their work no matter where they are. In the hotel, on the plane, on the train or on caravan, the at-home entrepreneur’s revenue opportunity never sleeps.

A caravan warden who preferred anonymity told the Guardian: “We had Wi-Fi a number of years ago on certain sites; however, we found that the members thought that it was a little bit too expensive and we didn’t have coverage throughout the entire site. Now, it’s been very, very popular, it’s taken off immensely. Everybody wants to use it; even the older generation is using it far more now, as they can book their next sites before they move on.”

Hospitals, convention centres and other public facilities are offering Wi Fi because it has become a presumed convenience. Wi-Fi will continue to expand and grow in the coming years.

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