An Introduction To Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC: An Overview

NFC CommsIf anything should support the demand for Near Field Communication (NFC), the recent holiday credit card security breaches at US-based retailer Target, and other high profile retailers, is all the incentive the public should need to demand the technology.

The driving concept behind NFC is that the individual’s cellphone or mobile device serves as a virtual wallet. However, many argue that it is a much safer method of payment than swiping a card through a chain retailer’s traditional credit card processing port.

If the merchant has the appropriate technology, the customer can simply swipe his or her NFC loaded phone over a receiver and the payment is made via credit card or debit card of choice. Voila! No cash, no fumbling your credit card and no trace of the consumers card stored with the retailer.
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SQL: The Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language (SQL) was adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986, one year before it was adopted by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Before it was accepted and ever since adoption, SQL has been under continuous review for improvements. The Joint Technical Committee (JTC) is charged with improving SQL.

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You’ve Been Hacked.

As an increasingly connected world, we’re demanding information when we want it and where we want it, round the clock, 365 days a year. But there’s a downside to being globally connected and big corporations like the BBC, CNN, the Financial Times and Twitter, to name but a few, have all suffered recently at the hands of hackers.

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IT Expenditures To Shrink In 2013

Gartner Worldwide’s IT Spending Forecast for 2013 reveals the shift to cloud computing and the conservative approach to IT investment at this time. While IT spending increased by 2.5 percent in 2012, Gartner projects a pullback of about 2.0 percent in 2013. Shifting currency exchange rates are also a factor entering into this projection.

The forecast includes global data from the following IT sectors:

  • dropbox-cloud-computingComputing hardware
  • IT services
  • Data center systems
  • Enterprise software
  • Telecom services markets
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The Best Websites of 2013

Cloud ComputingThere are millions of brilliant websites. It is fair to say that every website means something special to its followers. Websites can promotes causes, human interest stories, products, services and more. Some website owners are happy to generate 1,000 hits a month while others would be disappointed with 1 million hits a month.

In trying to identify the most successful websites in the world for 2013, Alexa applied certain standards to their testing:

  • Number of global users
  • Tendencies of usage
  • Sharing of content
  • Type Internet activities caused by the website compared to Internet activities inspired by other websites.

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