New Mobile Apps & Evaluating Their Success

The expansion of mobile apps offers many advantages to marketers and providers. But, the volume of the apps can be overwhelming. In 2012, Google announced that it had caught up to Apple in the number of apps, the company offered. That means each company is offering 700,000 apps each, a staggering number. Not one to take competition lightly, Apple recently reported that it would add 75,000 new apps in 2013. Get this: the average smartphone owners loads and maintains 41 apps on each device. 41! That marks an increase of 21 percent since 2011. Continue reading

What’s With Microsoft And iPads?

If you have an iPad and you would like to use Microsoft technology, you probably are feeling pangs of curiosity about why Microsoft seems to be ignoring what could be a tremendous revenue stream. You are not alone. Consumers, industry analysts and iPad manufacturers are wondering the same thing. Continue reading

New Business Apps Needed

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile and the cloud have made big strides in the past few months. When this technology is finalized, businesses that use cloud computing will have a tremendous advantage.  It is impossible to ignore the impact mobile devices have had on businesses and consumer. However, Mobile, BOYD and the cloud are not harmonious yet. But, when they are, watch out world. Continue reading