Is WiFi a Long Term Solution?

Is it possible Wi-Fi could be a short-term technology? Could we eventually move away from this mobile technology that lets us access information, friends, business, sports and our special interests while we travel, visit, attend functions or stay in a hotel? Could it be that Wi Fi will become less popular? From the statistics, this isn’t looking likely.

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SMS, MMS: Is Your Business Riding The Wave?

Short Messages Service (SMS) and Mobile Marketing Service (MMS) are the most effective form of direct marketing known to business. Everything is right about this the marketing.

  • The drawing power is phenomenal
  • The price is right
  • The return on investment is the best in the entire marketing industry
  • SMS and MMS programs are easy to use
  • The message arrives faster than by any other median
  • They accommodate a changing and evolving lifestyle pattern
  • SMS and MMS are the medians of the future

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Trumpia Shows The Way

Trumpia, an industry leader in software development for social marketing, brought its revolutionary proprietary Trumpia 2.0 All-In-One Marketing Suite to market in August 2012. This product is a significant upgrade from what was already regarded as the industry standard for multi-channel marketing.

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