CIOs Have Tough Decisions To Make Regarding SaaS

CIO’s Tough Decisions

cloud computing If you have followed the gradual trend to cloud computing by businesses, you might come to think that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the only way to acquire the latest and greatest software. While it is true that industry giants like Oracle and Deltek have launched new cloud software at unprecedented rates and while true that many new software enterprises are creating products exclusively for SaaS, these products represent only a small fraction of the overall software marketplace.

The bulk of software development is designed for on-premise use through a perpetual license model. However more and more companies are realising the many benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service and are gradually shifting to cloud computing. This transition offers many financial and service advantages to SMEs and to large corporations.

However, many of the largest companies are challenged to shift due to heavy investments to their “loyalty” or “customized” software. These companies face the decision to use the cloud and their proprietary software or to attempt to transition the enterprise’s loyalty software to the cloud. Many publicly held corporations face this delicate choice.

However, for the most part, loyalty software programs can be new and improved for the cloud or imported for cloud use. It could take years to recoup the expenditures but as a model, the investment will be an excellent ROI. Continue reading

KPMG Paints Growth Picture For Cloud Computing

KPMG International just completed a new survey showing that cloud revenue will increase dramatically over the next two years.  KPMG found that businesses are started moving apps to the cloud.  This will spur tremendous growth in cloud technology revenue created from cloud services like cloud businesses, data analytics, content management, customer care, operations and manufacturing.  The industry is expected to double in volume by the end of 2014. Continue reading

Spicy Oracle and HP Battle Goes On

The raging legal battle between HP and Oracle picked up in intensity last week as both sides built their cases for cross action lawsuits. In what promises to be an epic and landmark battle between the giant Hewlett Packard and a once-trusted contributing partner, Oracle, the computer and software industries are watching with interest.

The lawsuit has more than a fair share of intrigue as finger pointing and personalities continue to clash. Oracle claims that HP cost the company more than $95 million in profits. HP claims that Oracle has cost the hardware provider more than $4 billion in damages and wants compensation. Continue reading