Trumpia Shows The Way

Trumpia, an industry leader in software development for social marketing, brought its revolutionary proprietary Trumpia 2.0 All-In-One Marketing Suite to market in August 2012. This product is a significant upgrade from what was already regarded as the industry standard for multi-channel marketing.

This software package is the real deal. While the original product was great, the new version has a full and expanded array of “cutting-edge social media marketing features.”

New applications include:

  • Facebook Like-gating
  • Facebook Coupons
  • Facebook Tab Editor
  • Multi-channel Voting
  • A complete user interface Makeover

For mobile marketing and social media marketing, Trumpia 2.0 is a big weapon in the arsenal. Trumpia has gained the reputation as the not the industry’s pioneer software developer but also as the industry most advanced multi-channel marketing provider.

Like-gating – This feature allows businesses to increase exposure and greatly increase word-of-mouth marketing. The concept is based upon providing incentives for people to “Like” fan pages, which in turn leads to more revenue.

Facebook Coupons – These coupons represent discounts that pull more traffic to a product or service and cause immediate sales via mobile or desktop devices.

Facebook Tab Editor – This feature “allows businesses to create, design and manage Facebook Tabs in one platform.”

Multi-Channel Voting – Trumpia has an exclusive on this feature. Multi-channel voting permits businesses to collect and organize customer contact information and collect public opinions when they are posted. This is especially useful in voting campaigns through mobile phones and Facebook.

Trumpia 2.0 is sharp, easy to use and presents a fully optimized service. Efficient navigation buttons and new information buttons make for easier campaign creation. Designers focused on increasing the effectiveness of high-impact marketing campaigns.

The new multi-channel suite provides businesses with new tools in efforts to communicate with audiences using the newest digital technologies.

These technologies include:

  • Mobile text
  • E-mail
  • Voice
  • Chat
  • Social media

Today’s marketing campaigns are converting or including marketing to all these technologies. If businesses do not take this full-fledged approach, they are missing the greatest tool of new-age marketing. Mobile and social marketing works. This is where the action is and where more dollars are being spent by marketing firms and advertisers every year. The sky is the limit with mobile marketing.

Ken Rhie, a co-founder of Trumpia said, “Early on, Trumpia established itself as the leader of an emerging industry segment, multi-channel marketing. Trumpia 2.0 takes that concept to the next level to propel users’ productivity and generate even greater results.”

This is an instance of being in the right place at the right time. Mobile marketing has more to come.


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