Limitless Reach via Interactive Marketing

In May 2012, Internet Retailing posted an article indicating that one in four retail transactions will be made by persons using interactive television by 2014. This is an important premise that marketers must realize and address in outlining their marketing, the tools of which are changing rapidly.
Internet Retailing asserts that the rise in interactive televisions transactions is undeniable ad is the “most influential of five emerging new technologies identified in an e-Bay-commissioned study. The study was completed by Conlumino, a retail industry marketing expert. Continue reading

The Cloud Is For Everyone

The great cloud debate is not as complicated or intimidating as one might expect. Businesses who get tied up with concerns over security sometimes forget that they have operated in the cloud for years.

Chances are that if you have searched the Internet lately or if you use webmail, you have exposure to the cloud. These programs are rooted in cloud computing. If you are comfortable with your e-mail provider, there is no reason you cannot be comfortable with cloud computing.

What many SMEs misunderstand is that cloud computing is for everyone. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are not the only companies to benefit from cloud computing.

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New Mobile Apps & Evaluating Their Success

The expansion of mobile apps offers many advantages to marketers and providers. But, the volume of the apps can be overwhelming. In 2012, Google announced that it had caught up to Apple in the number of apps, the company offered. That means each company is offering 700,000 apps each, a staggering number. Not one to take competition lightly, Apple recently reported that it would add 75,000 new apps in 2013. Get this: the average smartphone owners loads and maintains 41 apps on each device. 41! That marks an increase of 21 percent since 2011. Continue reading

Technology at Events: Dangers of the Tech Overkill

Technology in eventsFor a few brief moments, let us put aside our good manners and be as blunt as can be, every event is an opportunity to show…… off. While this is not the primary objective of organising an event, it is one of the added benefits that come from hosting. We now live in a world where technology defines status. The person who has the smartest and most complicated gadget is king or queen!

This has led to a situation where events have become all about technology. The number of smart gadgets will often easily outnumber the number of smart participants you find at events these days. While this will often establish the host as lord of technology for a brief duration that often lasts until we have another event, technology overkill does more harm than good at any event.

The first problem that comes from having a technology overkill deployed at your event is that it is simply distracting. Participants will easily get distracted by the amazing toys you have deployed at your event. Instead of focusing on the products or agenda of the event, they tend to get lost in all the technology. You will no doubt remain in their minds but it will be for a fleeting period and for the wrong reasons.
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SMS, MMS: Is Your Business Riding The Wave?

Short Messages Service (SMS) and Mobile Marketing Service (MMS) are the most effective form of direct marketing known to business. Everything is right about this the marketing.

  • The drawing power is phenomenal
  • The price is right
  • The return on investment is the best in the entire marketing industry
  • SMS and MMS programs are easy to use
  • The message arrives faster than by any other median
  • They accommodate a changing and evolving lifestyle pattern
  • SMS and MMS are the medians of the future

Do you believe that you can send an SMS marketing text to every cellphone user in the UK as easily as you can send one to your best friend? Continue reading