An Introduction To Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC: An Overview

NFC CommsIf anything should support the demand for Near Field Communication (NFC), the recent holiday credit card security breaches at US-based retailer Target, and other high profile retailers, is all the incentive the public should need to demand the technology.

The driving concept behind NFC is that the individual’s cellphone or mobile device serves as a virtual wallet. However, many argue that it is a much safer method of payment than swiping a card through a chain retailer’s traditional credit card processing port.

If the merchant has the appropriate technology, the customer can simply swipe his or her NFC loaded phone over a receiver and the payment is made via credit card or debit card of choice. Voila! No cash, no fumbling your credit card and no trace of the consumers card stored with the retailer.
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Veber And PSF Agree to Python Settlement

On March 22, 2013, The Python Software Foundation (PSF) and the UK technology firm Veber reached a quick and undisputed agreement about the branding of a new Veber product. Under the terms of the settlement, PO Box Holdings, a subsidiary of Veber, halted its trademark filing for its Python European cloud computing label and agreed not to contest PO Box Holdings’ name trademark. Continue reading

Technology at Events: Dangers of the Tech Overkill

Technology in eventsFor a few brief moments, let us put aside our good manners and be as blunt as can be, every event is an opportunity to show…… off. While this is not the primary objective of organising an event, it is one of the added benefits that come from hosting. We now live in a world where technology defines status. The person who has the smartest and most complicated gadget is king or queen!

This has led to a situation where events have become all about technology. The number of smart gadgets will often easily outnumber the number of smart participants you find at events these days. While this will often establish the host as lord of technology for a brief duration that often lasts until we have another event, technology overkill does more harm than good at any event.

The first problem that comes from having a technology overkill deployed at your event is that it is simply distracting. Participants will easily get distracted by the amazing toys you have deployed at your event. Instead of focusing on the products or agenda of the event, they tend to get lost in all the technology. You will no doubt remain in their minds but it will be for a fleeting period and for the wrong reasons.
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