Is WiFi a Long Term Solution?

Is it possible Wi-Fi could be a short-term technology? Could we eventually move away from this mobile technology that lets us access information, friends, business, sports and our special interests while we travel, visit, attend functions or stay in a hotel? Could it be that Wi Fi will become less popular? From the statistics, this isn’t looking likely.

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You’ve Been Hacked.

As an increasingly connected world, we’re demanding information when we want it and where we want it, round the clock, 365 days a year. But there’s a downside to being globally connected and big corporations like the BBC, CNN, the Financial Times and Twitter, to name but a few, have all suffered recently at the hands of hackers.

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The Best Websites of 2013

Cloud ComputingThere are millions of brilliant websites. It is fair to say that every website means something special to its followers. Websites can promotes causes, human interest stories, products, services and more. Some website owners are happy to generate 1,000 hits a month while others would be disappointed with 1 million hits a month.

In trying to identify the most successful websites in the world for 2013, Alexa applied certain standards to their testing:

  • Number of global users
  • Tendencies of usage
  • Sharing of content
  • Type Internet activities caused by the website compared to Internet activities inspired by other websites.

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5 Reasons To Invest in Your Web Presence

5 Reasons To Invest in Your Web Presence

Web Presence for businessA standalone website does not come close to achieving full value in today’s highly competitive marketplace. In this high speed, highly mobile business environment, an enterprise’s web presence must be supported by a number of applications, marketing strategies and disciplines. At the same time, the enterprise that does not commit to a strong Internet presence is not going to reap the benefits that more aggressive competitors, regardless of size, invest in their web presence.

To fully understand why a comprehensive presence is a necessity, consider data from the 2010 survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics.

  • 78.7 percent of UK businesses had a website.
  • 51.0 percent of businesses had mobile broadband using 3G.
  • E-commerce sales represented 16.9 percent of total sales in 2010, up 0.9 percent over 2009.
  • Estimated revenue from online sales in 2010 was £385.4bn.
  • Only 15.3 percent of business UK websites were used to transact sales in 2010.
  • 6.4 percent of selling websites registered sales in other EU nations.
  • 5.0 percent of website sales were completed with customers outside the EU.
  • Website sales beyond the EU totaled £95.9bn.
  • In the UK, the wholesale sector has the strongest website sales (£37.5bn – 2010).
  • The retail sector has the second largest amount of website sales (£12.8bn – 2010).

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