What Makes An Insurance Agent Great

What Makes An Insurance Agent Great

Insurance Broker SoftwareSuccessful insurance agents rely upon long-term clients for repeat business. The insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries on the planet. It is also an industry undergoing a bit of transition as online providers compete with brick and mortar providers for market share. The technology may be a great way to get proposals and understand pricing but insurance inevitably boils down to relationships.

The interaction between an insurance agent can give almost as much peace of mind as the coverage itself. Regardless of the type coverage you have, when things go wrong and it is time to file your claim, you want an agent and a provider who know you and take a personal interest in your well-being. When push comes to shove, it is the personal touch that endears clients to their carrier.

Insurance agents have a lot to gain by paying attention to details and understanding the client’s needs. The essence of the insurance agent’s income is derived from annual renewals. Good agents cater to their existing clientele and are in touch even when they are not selling or promoting a product.

With many agents, the first contact comes via telephone. Excellent communication skills are a necessity for a long-term relationship with an agent. However, while communications are undeniably important, another important ability is the agent’s ability to listen to clients.

Good insurance agents tailor their offerings to meet the client’s needs. That means understanding the client’s goals, understanding their budget and listening carefully to their concerns. Good insurance agents answer all their client’s questions, resolve all the concerns and keep their clients within a comfortable budget.

Your Insurance Agent – Friend and Trusted Advisor

The most successful insurance agents are friends and advisors that provide a number of important services. The insurance agent’s role is multi-faceted combining strong personal skills with accurate and complete product knowledge.

  • The insurance agent is paid to promote and sell insurance products and insurance services to clients.
  • Insurance agents are responsible to provide sound financial advice and to inform the client when questions are not in their area of expertise.
  • Insurance agents need to have strong personal skills and work with clients and their families and in many cases with their businesses.
  • Successful insurance agents have a good, working knowledge of the industry and all new products.
  • Successful agents only recommend products and services in which they have extreme confidence.
  • Successful insurance agents are constantly marketing and staying abreast of new marketing trends and technologies.
  • Insurance agents are well organized and follow a schedule for contacts and follow through.
  • Insurance agents should participate in public relations campaigns. Being visible lends credibility and puts a face on the name of the agent.

Customer Service

Insurance agents have learned the importance of customer service. Customer service begins by respecting the client. If that key element is missing, the agent will not receive renewals and the bond between the client and the agent is not solid.

The most aggressive strategy an insurance agent can deploy is overselling the client. Sometimes, aggressive sales practices put the client in the position of purchasing more insurance than they can afford. The agent who listens and has the client’s interests at heart is patient and fair and never oversells. There may be a time down the road where the client can afford and needs more coverage. That is the time to upgrade the policy.

Customer service begins with a willingness to listen, a desire to interact and a commitment to be a good problem solver. When the client needs you, the agent will have to deploy all these characteristics or stand the chance of losing the client. If the agent is perceived as aloof or as a person who does not return calls, your clients will leave quickly.
Good insurance agents embrace their roles as counselor, facilitator and communicator with equal enthusiasm. If an agent does not follow through on these skills, there are plenty of agents out there that will.

The Agent Must Be A Reliable Source

Insurance agents can never have too much industry or company knowledge. Clients want transparent information from reliable sources. That does not mean telling them what the agent thinks they want to hear. It does mean knowing what products are available and being able to communicate their strengths as applies to the client.

These are popular insurances in the UK:
• Whole life insurance
• Term Life Insurance
• Other types of life insurance
• General insurance (non-life)
• Casualty insurance
• Health insurance
• Disability insurance
• Long-term care insurance
• Burglary insurance
• Homeowner’s insurance
• Auto insurance
• Business insurance
• Annuities

If the agent is not an expert on the type insurance the client needs, it is best to refer the client to a specialist. Insurance policies have lasting repercussions. Choose an agent and insurance firm that deserves your confidence.

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