5 Reasons To Invest in Your Web Presence

5 Reasons To Invest in Your Web Presence

Web Presence for businessA standalone website does not come close to achieving full value in today’s highly competitive marketplace. In this high speed, highly mobile business environment, an enterprise’s web presence must be supported by a number of applications, marketing strategies and disciplines. At the same time, the enterprise that does not commit to a strong Internet presence is not going to reap the benefits that more aggressive competitors, regardless of size, invest in their web presence.

To fully understand why a comprehensive presence is a necessity, consider data from the 2010 survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics.

  • 78.7 percent of UK businesses had a website.
  • 51.0 percent of businesses had mobile broadband using 3G.
  • E-commerce sales represented 16.9 percent of total sales in 2010, up 0.9 percent over 2009.
  • Estimated revenue from online sales in 2010 was £385.4bn.
  • Only 15.3 percent of business UK websites were used to transact sales in 2010.
  • 6.4 percent of selling websites registered sales in other EU nations.
  • 5.0 percent of website sales were completed with customers outside the EU.
  • Website sales beyond the EU totaled £95.9bn.
  • In the UK, the wholesale sector has the strongest website sales (£37.5bn – 2010).
  • The retail sector has the second largest amount of website sales (£12.8bn – 2010).

Since 2010, more businesses have increased their online presence and unverified sales figures in all sectors show a tremendous increase. Businesses have come to realize that today’s shoppers expect businesses to have a website and expect those sites to be ready to transact business from start to delivery.

A standalone website cannot compete locally, internationally or globally.

Many of today’s consumers prefer to research goods and services online and often consummate the sale if they like what they see. Additionally, the startling increase in immediate mobile sales has changed the way sellers view their websites. Without question, every businesses website must be accessible via mobile devises.

So, once the consumer arrives at your site, the business must be prepared to transact business. That is a given.

However, the key to increasing your online sales and pure pulling power resides in at least 5 compelling components that require investment and will draw consumers to the site.

A crystal clear mission statement – While this seems obvious, the concise mission statement must emanate throughout every pore or cell of the site. It must also be consistent with all onsite and offsite marketing endeavors. This requires discipline and planning as what must become clear is everything from robust customer service to financial competency.

SEO marketing – To achieve maximum exposure, site content should be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). All content disbursed in the Internet on behalf of the company, must use SEO. Google’s SEO characteristics have changed but without proper structure, your content will disappear in a maze of billions of messages.

Social Media Synchronised – The phenomenon that is social media is an excellent source of new customers and immediate sales. To create buzz, every social media tool must be deployed regularly. One social media presence is not enough. Use everything including Twitter to bring traffic to your site. Be creative.

Use imaging – One picture says one thousand words or more. Imaging and videos are powerful tools to increase awareness and display products. The social media world is lined with images and video.

Go mobile in a big way – Regardless of your industry or size of operations, you cannot have too strong a mobile presence. Look around. If someone near you is not on their mobile device, it would be astonishing. Mobile users make quick decisions. They are on the go and expect fluid, secure transaction capabilities.

One last investment will require the site owner to allocate funds to upgrade the site’s content, coding and design on a regular basis. The Internet is changing. Make sure your site is always up to speed.

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