Cloud Security Still An Issue For Large Databases

An article from the BBC in mid-March properly described many trends concerning cloud computing. Perhaps the world’s largest cloud user,, was referenced throughout the article. The cloud has enabled Amazon to rise from the ground to the clouds in a very short time. Persons who have used Amazon to procure goods enjoy a streamlined, smooth purchasing process.

But, the cloud has some degrees of risk. Although many of these risks are perceived or theoretical, they may someday come to fruition unless security software designers are successful with the many research projects that are ongoing.

Small and Medium Businesses not Bothered

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The security issue is of little concern to most companies who seek storage and operating programmes for large volumes of non-sensitive data. Most of the companies that are committed to the cloud are small and medium sized enterprises.

These companies gravitate to cloud computing to capture economies of scale, to reduce the cost of their hardware purchases and for the unparalleled ease of access. These are significant considerations that allow small businesses to spend their capital on other aspects of their business.

Scientists in Germany and Finland have spent a good deal of time trying to “crack” into existing cloud technology in controlled environments. These researchers were able to identify the software components used in the cloud, which is the first step in unraveling the data.

The BBC points out that cyber-thieves and cyber hackers know there is a “fine line between interrogating a computer and bullying it into coughing up details that help control it or can aid another attack.” This is problematic risk and exposure for a number of companies.

The Chip Can Influence Cost

Researchers have also discovered that the power of the user’s chip can lead to substantial savings. The more powerful the chip, the faster the data in the cloud can be accessed. Researchers estimate that as much as 30 percent can be saved by users with powerful chips.

For most firms using cloud computing, these are inconsequential concerns. The basic premise is that pooling of resources is an efficient way to manage company data. It is in this pooling where economies of scale are realized.

The security chief officer at Amazon, Stephen Schmidt, feels that the Amazon cloud is as secure as possible. He told the BBC, “Security starts with what knowing what you have. In the cloud because of the way it works, you cannot log someone on under the desk. You can see exactly what you have.”

Cloud Computing & PCI Compliance

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