MIT Ready TO Launch DBSeer For Large Databases

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a world leader in technology and has been observing the trend to cloud computing with enthusiasm. The venerable educational institution has indicated that for database-drive applications, cloud computing software could reduce hardware expenditures by as much as 95 percent for companies large and small.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT identifies these savings as one of the critical components in the cloud computing industry’s rapid rise in popularity. There are other advantages. Cloud computing creates economies of scale, reduces the need for IT support and can be easily accommodated to existing hardware or, in some cases, to hardware provided by the provide.

Cloud computing technology support is managed by the cloud provider. This is saving companies billions of dollars and pounds every year. What’s more, cloud computing providers are aggressive about updating the latest technologies and software packages to their cloud.

Dropbox Founder To Speak

MIT is very supportive of cloud technology, a weighty endorsement indeed. In fact, Dropbox CEO, Crew Houston, has been named as MIT’s 2013 Commencement Address Featured Speaker.

MIT acknowledges that while the cloud provides strong advantages for data based users, there are still challenges to be met. “Cloud services often partition their servers into ‘virtual machines,’ each of which gets so many operations per second on a server’s central processing unit, so much space in memory, and the like. That makes cloud servers easier to manage, but for database-intensive applications, it can result in the allocation of about 20 times as much hardware as should be necessary. And the cost of that overprovisioning gets passed on to customers.”

Cost Reduction At The Core of DBSeer

MIT researchers have used this premise as the foundation for a new system called DBSeer. If the project achieves its mark, which usually happens at MIT, data base businesses will benefit greatly. DBSeer will reduce the need for more hardware at the provider’s site and thereby reduce the cost passed on to customers.

DBSeer will not only offer advantages to cloud computing but to open-source licensees as well. Teradata, one of the world’s largest database companies, has already begun importation of the MIT algorithm.

The new algorithm will be released for the public at the June meeting of the Association of Computing Machinery’s Specials Interest group on management of Data (SIGMOD). The researchers at MIT used a “gray box” model, a platform that takes into account idiosyncrasies of particular databases to develop their new technology.