The LoveMap Guides Valentine’s Day Traffic

London restaurants and nightspots got it right on Valentine’s Day, 2013. Thanks to some innovative marketing technology, London restaurants and popular nightspots made it easier than ever for their followers to find them and make reservations.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

London’s top five romantic retreats were London Bridge, Bank, Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus and St. Paul’s. The least searched romantic getaways were All Saints, Mudchute, Rectory Road, South Bermondse and Kilburn.

That does not mean these sites were not in demand. It simply means that fewer people made reservations or via their mobile devices. After observing the high frequency of use by their clients, London nightspots marketed aggressively for mobile users.

Amazingly Successful Collaboration

These businesses actually collaborated on a mobile map that clearly identified the location of most of London’s restaurants and nightclubs. The release date was targeted to capture the Valentine’s trade.

The map and informational data was powered Lovestruck and the mobile marketing agency, Fletch. The innovative Lovemap identified the locations of places that single Londoners frequent.

A popular London trend for singles is called “winking.” Singles use their smartphones to wink at persons that have their attention. Winking applies to the nightclub scene. Winking happens in close quarters and from remote locations. Apparently, nightclubs were taking notes and have marveled at the increased in multiple uses of smartphone technology.

The Lovemap was designed to be easily accessed by mobile devices of all sorts. The map was available to the public in early February and offered links to all the nightclub with their reservation connections.

Londoners are attuned to the mobile scene where transactions tend to happen instantly. Brett Harding the co-founder of Lovestruck, an MD with entrepreneurial aspirations, told reporters, “Valentine’s Day isn’t just for loved-up couples – it’s a great opportunity for single Londoners to meet their perfect love match. Our Lovemap should help show them where to head to help their chances.”

Fetch Plays Important Role

The collaboration with Fetch was hailed a high success by nightclub and restaurant owners as well as by consumers. Marketing collaborations of this type are expected to increase in the future. But, for this Valentine’s Day, credit mobile technology for boosting London sales.Co-founder and Managing Director of Fetch said, “We wanted to create something fun, insightful and relevant to mobile around Valentine’s day. What better than a location-based analysis of Love in London. With more and more singles turning to their mobiles to access dating services, this project has been a real eye-opener! Not only is it based on data generated by smartphone interactions; the Lovemap is also easy to view on people’s mobiles on the go. Let’s hope we can create some more urban couples with a Valentine’s Day anniversary!”