Is Your Marketer Up To Speed?

Marketing Land has released information that clearly indicates marketers understand they are making mistakes in their 2013 messaging. And, there is little hope they will change their intentions to benefit their clients. There is industry resistance to redesigning marketing messaging in 2013. There is an abundance of evidence to support that this is an ill-advised strategy.

social marketingThe disconnect revolves around how 2013 marketers will structure their messages and how 2013 consumers will read those messages. A report from Marketing Sherpa encompassed 1,100 marketing agencies and contractors.

The report showed that 41 percent of all commercial e-mail is currently open end on mobile devices. The number of e-mails opened on desktops/pcs will fall below the number of e-mails opened on mobile devices in 2013.

Where Does This Leave Today’s Marketers?

Today’s marketers may believe that their current messaging is easy to reward on mobile devices. Some innovative marketers have developed formats that are highly functional on mobiles.

Others are hoping for the best or ignoring the undeniable trend. 58 percent of interviewed marketers acknowledge the trend to SMS marketing and say they intend to implement the strategy at some point in 2013.

58 percent of respondents agree that mobile messaging will affect their marketing strategies in 2014. Of greater concern for customers should be “what’s the problem?” These companies acknowledge that mobile marketing is the trend. Why wait?

42 percent of marketing companies answered that they do not intend to change their e-mail or delivery systems.

This is a breakdown of how marketers intend to deploy their marketing channels.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Blogs
  • SEO
  • Direct Mail
  • Mobile marketing
  • Print
  • Public relations
  • Tele-prospecting
  • SMS
  • In-state advertising
  • Broadcast
  • Outdoor advertising

It will be interesting to see the results of next year’s survey. SMS marketing will likely make the biggest jump, but mobile marketing will rise above many other forms of marketing. More importantly, these two trends produce direct responses and result in a surprisingly large number of direct and immediate sales.

Clients, be they B2B or business to consumer, need to understand these trends and engage marketers who are up to speed on technology. A mistake here can cost lost opportunities and prevent a business from reaching its full potential.


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