SMS, MMS: Is Your Business Riding The Wave?

Short Messages Service (SMS) and Mobile Marketing Service (MMS) are the most effective form of direct marketing known to business. Everything is right about this the marketing.

  • The drawing power is phenomenal
  • The price is right
  • The return on investment is the best in the entire marketing industry
  • SMS and MMS programs are easy to use
  • The message arrives faster than by any other median
  • They accommodate a changing and evolving lifestyle pattern
  • SMS and MMS are the medians of the future

Do you believe that you can send an SMS marketing text to every cellphone user in the UK as easily as you can send one to your best friend?

Tips for Demographics

English: Survey on a mobile phone

You can also send that message to specific demographics, or to a list of contacts stored in a group with just one click. Click, it’s gone, out there in the mobile word where 90 percent of cell phone users read their text messages in 15 minutes.

Text messaging is an emerging form of marketing and advertising. SMS and MMS are the fastest growing forms of marketing. The combination is lethal, powerful and capable of driving customers to point of sale within minutes. Businesses that do not deploy this marketing strategy are falling behind their competitors that do.

Understandably, SMS and MMS marketing lag behind conventional forms of advertising. Direct mail, television, radio and printed advertising dominate the marketplace.

How Does Your Business Answer These Questions?

  • Do these types of advertising reach the customer where and when the customer wants to be reached? In most cases, no.
  • Do these types of marketing cost great sums of money? Yes.
  • Is the response rate above 5 percent? Definitely not.
  • Do recipients or viewers of this marketing respond with any pattern? No.
  • Is investing in these marketing tools investing in a process of osmosis? Yes.
  • Should SMS and MMS advertising be a company’s sole advertising initiative? In most cases, no.
  • Do SMS and MMS marketing level the playing field between big and small businesses? Definitely.

So, the SMS and MMS marketing tools are now becoming more mainstream. Not because they are fads, but because of the importance of mobile devices in our daily lives. You may leave your desktop at home or office but you never leave your cellphone.

If you want to get your 160 character SMS advertisement read, mass text message marketing is your venue. If you have any doubts, as the provider for statistics and a cost proposal. Your doubts will dissipate on the spot.


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