MobiCloud Makes Cloud Tech Mobile For All

Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) released an interesting article describing the progress of cloud computing and the European Commission’s Digital Agenda. The Digital Agenda is the EU’s strategy to advance digital technologies. “including the Internet, to deliver sustainable economic growth.”  The strategy is designed to find efficient ways to reduce costs while improving mobile application in cloud technology, a responsibility of the European Commission. This is a big, well-funded project. ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP) and Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (CIP) are finding and collaborating on the initiative.

English: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

European Commission Wants Small Businesses to Have Mobile Cloud Access

The primary objective is to “stimulate the provision of new mobile services in the cloud and help support the emergence of a European ecosystem of mobile cloud application developers.” The new cloud ecosystem will be called MobiCloud.

MobiCloud will enable smaller companies to develop and market, through the cloud, mobile extensions of their existing business applications. In this mobile world where mobile communications are dominating the scene, this offers small businesses a valuable tool heretofore only enjoyed by large, global concerns.

The European Commission wants to see cloud technology easily available through all sectors of the economy. This commitment makes one wonder why all enterprises are not using cloud technology with the hope of gravitating to mobile cloud technology soon.

Business is in the cloud.

According to CORDIS, MobiCloud will become, “online technology marketplace where end-users, mobile developers, application vendors, system integrators and cloud service providers can collaborate to develop end-to-end solutions with high return on investment (ROI).”

The platform will deliver a wide range of services and benefits including:

  • Platforms for public service
  • Platforms for field service
  • Platforms for construction
  • Platforms for goods and services

The immediate concentration is on industries that can support more efficient and greener mobile applications.  The ease of use is exemplified by MobiCloud’s composite screen which “aggregates data from various corporate IT systems. Depending upon location, role, skill sets, available colleagues, etc., the application displays different services which react in real-time to changes in work orders, fault reports, alters, etc.”

CORDIS acknowledges what most cloud computers know that cloud computing has even greater potential as new technology will definitely be developed. Many factors, including advances in cloud, mobile, information and social technologies, change how applications can be built and the value they can deliver to the enterprise. To keep their enterprises competitive, application development leaders must continuously embrace new technologies and disciplines.

MobiCloud appears to be one of those new technologies.


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