New Business Apps Needed

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile and the cloud have made big strides in the past few months. When this technology is finalized, businesses that use cloud computing will have a tremendous advantage.  It is impossible to ignore the impact mobile devices have had on businesses and consumer. However, Mobile, BOYD and the cloud are not harmonious yet. But, when they are, watch out world.

Business Process Management

business softwareBusiness process management (BPM) software had now been operational for a little more than ten years. BPM’s purpose is to enable businesses to capitalize on automated intelligent processes. BPM is most popular in company back rooms where behind the scenes management is performed. Businesses rely on software packages that have specific forms, tables and documents designed for business.

Unfortunately, these documents do not respond to mobile applications with the desired consistency. Development of mobile apps can solve this dilemma. The repercussions will be significant in allowing business to achieve back office work from offsite, home locations or other mobile locations.

BPM users are calling for better software and more versatile apps. Desktop programs and usage are becoming extinct. More than 50 percent of former desktop users now use mobile devices. So, getting effective BPM programmes and apps is critical to the success of cloud computing and business administration.

The Need New Software Packages

The ideal solution would be the development of software that is functional on the pc and on mobile devices. A hindrance to the development is the fact that display technologies, including Flash, are not available on many mobile products.

Business Without Walls

The cloud is applauded for taking users to areas without walls. However, the intranet-based BPM server the company uses may be outdated when these new packages come to market. When a new client moves to the cloud, they should be sure that the same features on their existing network are preserved in the cloud. This would make the conversion to new multi-purpose apps more fluid when the time comes.

The issue of mobility is a serious challenge. If the whole world were on Wi-Fi, the pressure would be less but for now the easier option is to develop effective software. Until that time, businesses must develop a strategy to manage clients with offline practices. In some cases the ability to access e-mail is all that is needed. Most smartphone shave great reach and can assist the mobile worker in this endeavor.

The goal must be to have mobile apps that allow the worker to access important forms in good order. This would solve a bevy of challenges.


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